Welcome to My Beautiful Earth Natural & Organic Skin Care & Natural Mineral Make-up

We are a family run company which firmly believes in natural cosmetics. We manufacture & produce a whole array of stunning shades and colours that will not only give you natural flawless looking skin but it is actually good for you. Our makeup range consists of foundations, finishing powders, blushers, bronzers, correctors, concealers, eye shadows, liquid form foundation, for normal, acne/rosacea prone and sensitive skins.

My Beautiful Earth skin care is hand crafted to the highest possible standards and is made only in small batches to ensure freshness. It is made from GM free plant and vegetable derived ingredients that are as natural as possible and have been cultivated organically i.e. without artificial fertilisers, chemicals or pesticides and do not, therefore, damage or pollute you, your family or the environment. NO animal derived ingredients, NO petrolatum or mineral oil ingredients, NO chemicals, NO propylene glycol, NO artificial perfume, NO Nano particles, NO parabens, NO harmful preservatives, NO CFC's, NO genetic modification, NO pig fat emulsifiers, No palm oil except where we cannot get an alternative and in that case we would only use cruelty FREE palm oil from sustainable sources based on economic, social and environmental viability, our skin care and make-up is NOT tested on animals either. They are ideal for those with chemical sensitivities or skin allergies and for those who prefer not to put toxic chemicals or animal products on their skin.

If you want natural skin care products or natural mineral makeup that will not clog your pores, lasts all day, always looks beautiful and is actually beneficial to your skin that will not cost the earth, then you are at the right place.