CURALL Antifungal Nail Treatment

SEE AMAZING FEEDBACK FROM CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE USED THIS OIL.100% natural 100% safe 100% effective in getting rid of discoloured nails. Athlete's foot, nail infections & foot odour problems & thickened, discoloured painful toe nails caused by fungal over growth (Onychomycosis/Tinea Unguium) and Athlete's foot (tinea pedis)
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We are so confident in this product that we give a 120 day money back Garrantee

N01 Topical Treatment for Discoloured Nail

CURALLⓒ has been tried and tested by many "THOUSANDS" of happy customers and said to be the most effective anti-fungal that they have ever tried, and many have wasted £££'s on products that  have  not  worked, even though they claim too.  And we are very proud to say that we have found NO other fungal nail treatment that has the most amount of positive customer testimonials as CURALLⓒ does.

WHY use Curall?
  • CURALLⓒ Nailcure has the BEST "CUSTOMER" REVIEWS for fungal nail treatment
  • Proven very effective treatment against discoloured nails & fungal infections
  • Contains NO parabens or any other harmful or synthetic plastics or chemicals
  • NOT tested on animals! 
  • CURALLⓒ is made of 100% plant derived extracts
  • 100% natural  ~ safe ~  effective ~ fast absorption
  • Stops  foot odour problems as it is antibacterial too
  • Curall not only gets rid of unsightly nails but has many beneficial plant based ingredients that will help nourish and condition your new nails and in-turn help them grow.
  • Contains vitamin E this helps your new nails grow back strong and healthy
  • Guaranteed (90 day) or your money back
  • Curall speaks for itself. See our fantastic customer testimonials below
  • Comes with full instructions on how to use to prevent it happening again
  • Made in the UK

Please Note: We see many websites that are making claims to "cure" your nails in only a few weeks but what they fail to tell you, in actual fact, is if you have "severely" affected nails, (beyond repair/over taken by the fungus) there is NOT "ONE" product on this earth that will "cure"  (reverse) a damaged nail that has been taken over by the spread of fungus, because the nail is dead!

What will CURALL do then?
CURALL Stops the fungus from damaging your "new" nail growth any further as it allows them to grow back fungal free but not only that, it also helps them grow back strong and healthy as there are no harsh chemicals or drying ingredients that can damage the new nail as it's growing back as it contains nourishing and conditioning botanical ingredients plus the healing vitamin E. 

What if I only have a very slight discolouration?
If you are lucky enough to have sought treatment before your whole nails is affected, and is only superficial discolouring, (by this we mean, not through the whole nail, only surface and or near the top of nail)  then this can take a only a few days to clear in some or no more than a few weeks at the most to remove the discolouration. Also if the fungus is through the nail but is near the top of the nail, then can this can also grow out very quickly and curall will stop it affecting anymore of your nail and stop it spreading through out you nail and also stop os spreading to other nails, which will happen if not caught in time.

Although some customers have also used CURALLⓒ on their fungal skin problems, i.e  ringworm, athlete's foot, jock itch etc and has even been reported to us that it got rid of verrucas and warts too, however we do sell another product called  
CURALLSKIN​ⓒ which has been specially formulated for these kinds of skin problems and it also comes with a spray top for easy application, rather than the brush applicator that curall nail treatment has, which is more appropriate for nail applications.

INGREDIENTS: Carthamus Tinctorius Oil, Melia Azadirachta Oil*, Calophyllu Inophyllum Oil*, Cocos Nucifera  Oil, Melaleuca  Alternifolia Oil, Cocos Nucifera  Butter*, Lavandula Angustafolia Oil, Tocopherol, Limonene** Linalool** Camphor**
**Natural constituent of essential oil

Symptoms fungal infection on toes of finger nails
    * Thickened nails
     *  Discoloured nails (Green, Yellow, black, grey or white patches on nail) 
     *  Brittle nails
     *  Painful toe
     *  Flaky nails
How to use
Brush onto nail and surrounding skin twice a day.
For skin please see our 
CURALLSKIN​ⓒ in store as this has a spray applicator. 
Please read full instructions that are provided with this product for best results
10ml bottle is approx 1-3 months' supply, depending on how many nails you need to treat or how severe they are. Please Note: if your nails are irreversibly damaged, your new nail can take upto 12 months to re-grow fully. THERE IS NO QUICK FIX when this is the case, do not believe any hype or false picture advertisements with healthy looking nails, these are just bought pictures from websites! 

CAUTION: This product contains some nut oils, we therefore advise not to use if you have a nut allergy. Although tamanu and coconut are not associated with nut allergies, we just prefer to err on the side of caution. Do not use if you are pregnant or lactating, as this contains a small amount of essential oils. We also advise, as a precaution, to seek your dr's advice if you have high blood pressure, epilepsy and are on medication for this or are on any other medication i.e antidepressants etc before using this product as it contains essential oils and some can interact with certain medications. We also advise you to get it confirmed by a healthcare professional before using this product as there are many other conditions that can look similar to fungal infections. We also advise you to do a 24 hour skin patch test before using, not just CURALL but "ANY" new product as you may be allergic to one or more of the ingredients, just because a product is natural does not mean it is 100% allergy free as there will always be someone who may have an reaction. If you prefer not to then this is entirely up to you, it is just us being cautious. To do a skin test, apply a small drop on the inside of your elbow and leave on for 24 hours. If any rash, redness, itching or welts appear, do not use again as you might be allergic to one or more of the ingredients in this product. Do not get in eyes. Do not ingest. Keep out of children's reach. store in cool dry place.

Money Back Guarantee offer
To qualify for our 90 day money back guarantee you will need to take a close up and clear picture of your toes/fingers before you start treatment. If after 90 days and within 100 days from date of purchase, you still have not seen some or significant improvement, please take another picture of your toes/fingers with the date showing from a newspaper placed next to your nails, sorry but this is to stop illegitimate claims being made, as we have had in the past fraudulent claims by a few people trying it on just to avoid paying for their item even though it worked. Please note: fungal nail infections can vary in each individual, some people will see a marked improvement within a few weeks (some have even seen an improvement in days) whilst others will not see any real change for 2-3 months as it all depends on where the infection is, if its at the bottom all the way through the whole nail and the nail bed (skin under nail) then this will take many months to clear up and will also depend on how quick your nails grow as curall will not reverse damaged nails, it will only kill the fungus and stop it re-infecting the new nail coming through. If only very slight and superficial infection in the nail, then this can clear up very quickly. Please do not ask for a refund before the 90 days of treatment and please make sure you take a picture before your treatment starts. 


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